SIE 496/596 Design for Additive Manufacturing. Level: Undergrad and graduate.

This course is an introduction to the engineering design process with a focus on understanding constraints and opportunities associated with additive manufacturing (AM). Students will gain an understanding of how to exploit AM to manufacture parts with complex geometry, while also considering economic viability and manufacturability. Opportunities and constraints associated with various AM technologies, from fused-filament fabrication (often called 3D printing) to metal AM processes, will be surveyed. The course will culminate in a hands-on design project where students will use design-for-additive-manufacturing (DfAM) frameworks and tools to design a novel product. This course aims to promote creativity and critical thinking, which are necessary to effectively use AM technology in the context of product design. (Fall 2020)
















ENGR 102B Introduction to Engineering Design. Level: Undergraduate.

Introduction to the engineering design process, effective team participation and career preparation. Students are expected to participate in hands-on design projects, understand the nature of engineering design challenges and initiate development of the personal and management skills necessary for lifelong learning. (Spring 2020)

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